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July 12, 2008
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RPG Elements Chart by RCDeschene RPG Elements Chart by RCDeschene
This is a triangular graph connecting ten colored spots in pattern that represent the Ten Elementals in RPG Nature.

In many Fantasy Role-Playing Games there are concepts of Classical Elements corresponding from the Philosophies of Nature that are often used as magical powers gameplay attributes. Quite frequently, there is a certain number of these particular Elementals that appear in common RPG systems. These entities are the Ten Elements of Fire, Air/Wind, Earth, Water, Lightning, Nature, Ice, Light, Dark, and Spirit. In common Elemental Philosophies such as Western are the Four Primary Elements of Fire, Air/Wind, Earth and Water that are said to be the most basic fabrics of all physical matter in existence, and any other substance is derived thereof. Many RPGs share this view as well, however, some of these Secondary natures are included into the concepts as their own individual Elementals. These Secondary Elementals commonly consist of Lightning, Plants and Ice and are often corresponded as Para-Elementals to their respective Primaries due to relating material or environmental property (Lightning = Air/Wind, Plant = Earth, & Ice = Water). The origin of this ideology is believed to be inspired by Eastern Asian Philosophies. Most importantly, in just about every Elemental RPG is the universally famous Duality of Darkness and Light. This opposition of Yin & Yang forces is the ultimate power of reality. Finally, there is the divine Element of Spirit, the magical power of Quintessence that so many Role-Playing Games recognize as etheric in Energy and mentally Psychic in behavior.

This graph shows how the Ten commonly reoccurring RPG Elements triangularly Ascend and Descend in patterned relation:

Fire + Wind = Lightning
Wind + Earth = Nature
Earth + Water = Ice

Lightning + Nature = Light
Nature + Ice = Dark

Light + Dark = Spirit

The Secondary Elementals correspond to their Primary's Parallel property where the two Positive Elements of Fire & Wind are Hot and Energetic as Lightning, while the two Negative Elements of Earth & Water are Cold and Materialistic as Ice, as the Positive and Negative Elements of Wind & Earth are Dry, Moist and Balanced as the Heart of Nature. Lightning is Active and Nature is full of Life as the Positive Light where Ice is Passive and Nature is also savage and full of Deathly hazards as the Negative Darkness. The Forces of Positive, Active, Masculine Light and Negative, Passive, Feminine Darkness are the two Polarities that the Great Spirit unifies in mediation.

In reverse, the Spirit is governor of all that is Yin & Yang, Light is the Energy that composes electric Plasma and charges the spark of Biomaterial Life, while Shadow is the home of many dangerous Creatures and permits Coldness, and Thunder is the spark of Flames and is present in Storms, as Plants are what keeps the Land replenished and produce Oxygen, as the Wilderness is also the location of Lakes and Minerals.

Spirit > Light & Dark

Light > Lightning & Nature
Dark > Nature & Ice

Lightning > Fire & Wind
Nature > Wind & Earth
Ice > Earth & Water

Level 1:
Fire = Red
Wind = Gray
Earth = Green
Water = Blue

Level 2:
Lightning = Yellow
Nature = Lime
Ice = Cyan

Level 3:
Light = White
Dark = Black

Spirit = Purple
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Nice chart! I made one a bit similar to yours...
can i download this for my wallpaper?
Sure, don't know why you'd want THIS though. XD
its a simple cool looking design, shape...colors, etc...the beauty is in its simplicity
Really? Thanks! 8D

Finally, someone who gets it! ^^
Actually, Wind+Water=Ice
and Earth+Water=Nature! 8D
Absolutely! Go check my Elemental Alchemy Chart! 8D

I just wanted to esperiment on a little concept that contained only the common reoccuring Elements seen in RPGs which are commonly just a list of Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Lightning, Nature, Ice, Dark, Light and some other element like maybe Spirit or Space component.

But yeah, either way, something that really disappoints me time and time again is the extreme lack of aknowledgement that always gets that one Element in the family completely overlooked and non-concidered: Lava.
LittleGreenGamer Dec 11, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i know this is kind of off-the-subject, but this image is especially interesting when you think about it in comparison and contrast to the "saints row" video game series.

in each of the games, there are four gangs with their own flag colors.

for example, "SR1" had:
3rd st saints = purple
vice kings = yellow
los carnales = red
and westside rollerz = blue

and "SR2" has:
3rd st saints = purple
the brotherhood = red
sons of samedi = green
and the ronin = yellow

sorry for such a long comment. i just thought you'd find it interesting - heh heh. '^_^
Are you serious? Gang colors? XD
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